Lately there has been some rumor around paid licenses for Java. Oracle bought Java from Sun Microsystems back in 2010. For ages users of Java thought they were using a ‘free of charge’ software product, mostly due to the reason that no-one reads the ‘licensing terms’ and directly hit the ‘I Agree’ button.
Sun Microsystems wasn’t chasing customers who didn’t pay for the use of Java, but Oracle is (or at least, now they are, just six years after they bought Java). Are you using Java within your company? Here are some steps which may prevent fines and legal prosecution:

1. Use a software discovery tool and find out what you are using and how many users / processor have Java assigned;
2. Read the original licensing terms for your Java version and edition;
3. Determine if and how many license you need to have (consult an Oracle licensing expert if necessary);
4. Buy the necessary licenses and assign them to users, devices and/or processors.

Here is an article published December 2016 which covers the story.

Just doing nothing and wait until Oracle shows up at your front door is not the best option.

Might you need more information, please feel free to contact one of our licensing experts. Having trouble or strategic issues with the licensing terms or your Oracle licensing agreement? File your case and the members of the Global Software Licensing Expert Circle will help you solving issues with Oracle.

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