Welcome to the Global Software Licensing Specialist Expert Circle, or short: GSLSEC. We are a not-for-profit international group of passionate software licensing experts with combined decades of experience. But even more important, we have strategic connections to main software vendors such as Microsoft. Besides that, we care about software licensing and are here to help you. Submit your strategic software licensing issue, our expert members will discuss your case and put the topic, with our advice, on the agenda of the software vendor.

But there is more to tell. During quarterly strategical sessions with business group leaders, VP’s and licensing experts at the software vendors head offices we will continuously try to improve licensing terms, contracts and legal issues. Our only intent is to help you, the end user of the software. So please submit your case and help us to help you!

Once we have discussed your case and formed an opinion or advise for the software vendor we will keep you informed about the progress at our ‘cases’ section. So please come back every once in a while to stay tuned.

The members of the Global Software Licensing Specialist Expert Circle care about software licensing.

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